Penrose Roofing 2014 Limited carry out a range of domestic and commerical roofing works. Below is a selection of some of our recently completed contracts. Please click on each contract image to view a slide show of images.


This house is the oldest, privately owned inhabited dwelling in Northern Ireland. The original roof is probably one of the oldest examples of Georgian/Victorian slating in Northern Ireland consisting of Ton Penrhyn Slates (Bangor Blues). The slates ranging in sizes from 36" diminishing to 24" in length by random widths. They were secured direct to sarking boards by oak pegs, the pegs were driven through the head of the slate, then through holes drilled through the sarking boards.


One area of roof which had been replaced after a fire, was then slated using Imperial Ton Queen Penrhyn Slates (Bangor Blues). These slates ranged from 28" to 22" in length by random widths with top and bottom sawn edges rather than the more common spalled edges. The roof was sympathetically reroofed by Penrose Roofing 2014 Limited, as near to the original specification as possible.


​​Originally built in 1890, at a cost of only £19,000, it has been damaged several times over the years, including a fire which left only the clock tower and minor hall standing, it was rebuilt in 1908. In 1972, the building was badly damaged by a bomb which led to a restoration costing £1.7 million.


The current project consisted of stripping and re-slating the complete building using existing slates from the 19th and 20th Century, with the remainder of the roof slated using new Penryhn Celtic slates (Bangor Blues) leaving a finished roof covered with slates from the last three centuries. Our company was also responsible for replacing all lead work, repairing and replacing copper work, upgrading the complete roof in rigid insulation, also timber repairs including treatment of all timbers. The waterproofing to the complex workings around the bell tower and clock mechanism, were carried out using liquid plastics, an example of how modern technology can be applied to a listed and heritage building. This roof will be entered into the UK and Ireland Roofing Awards 2015 by Penrose Roofing  2014 Limited.


This project involved stripping and re-tiling of this private dwelling in rosemary plain clay tiles. This house was one of two built by an architectural practice for their two senior partners, circa 1907, as their private dwellings.


This project presented training opportunities for all Penrose Roofing Limited's young apprentices. The interesting details of the project included mitred hips, arris hips, purpose made valley tiles, all made more difficult by variations in roof pitches plus vertical tiling to dormer cheeks, lead works. It also included pointing of chimneys and gutter work.  The completed roof was a finalist in the UK and Ireland Roofing Awards, entered by Penrose Roofing 2014 Limited.



This project consisted of stripping and reslating existing Penryhn Slates (Bangor Blues), to the east elevation. The west elevation was slated in new Spanish natural slate with new ornamental ridge tiles.  A complete upgrade of insulation was also carried out by Penrose Roofing 2014 Limited.



This project was the sister house to Frankfield House. It involved Penrose Roofing 2014 Limited reroofing the private dwelling in rosemary plain clay tiles to a similar specification of that of the sister house.


This project, although slightly different from Frankfield House, had some very interesting details including mitred hips, arris hips, purpose made valley tiles, all made more difficult by variations in the roof pitches plus vertical tiling to the dormer cheeks, lead works, also pointing of chimneys and gutter work.


This project included total replacement of parapet wall lead gutters, lead rain water chutes and overlaying of ashphalt roofs with reinforced liquid plastic. Repair work was also carried out by Penrose Roofing 2014 Limited to existing Westmoreland random slates, also the complete reroofing of administration building in Alkore PVC membrane.



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Private Dwelling, Holywood

Completed using Roofshield underlay, Penrhyn 20x12 Celtic Slates and roll top ridge